Organic farming is a healthy and ethical choice for anyone who loves the idea of simple, yet quality living. Krishigramam is a platform that connects ethical consumers and organic farmers. This idea was born from the realization that there is a huge gap between organic farmers and nature-loving, smart consumers, and they are struggling to find each other. The organic farmers are struggling to sell their products to the right customers. Similarly, consumers are finding it difficult to access the right organic farmer or their farm produces. Most times, they fall pray to smart marketing strategies, where regular vegetables are sold under the name organic at exorbitant prices. The exorbitant pricing also limits its accessibility to a certain sections. This is where Krishigramam makes a difference. It makes you meet only the trusted and verified organic farmers selling their products at reasonable prices!

Krishigramam: The Single-Largest Platform Connecting Organic Farmers and Buyers

  • Farmers can sell their produces directly on this website
  • Farm produces made available at reasonable prices.
  • Connects a buyer to organic vegetable stores/farmers in his/her vicinity
  • Guaranteed same-day delivery in a fast and secure way
  • Safe and secure digital payments
  • Offers you a good chance to meet the real organic farmers!

Get Free Online Delivery for Farm Produces and Groceries  

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